Can A Portable Power Station Run A Refrigerator?

Mar 01, 2022

Bringing a portable power station with you offers an easy access to powering electrical appliances while camping, hiking or just simply enjoying some me-time away from the city.
Can a portable power station run a refrigerator? Yes.
Can a portable power station run a TV? Yes.
Fridges, televisions, drones, digital cameras, laptops, cell-phones, heaters, projectors, cpap, lights etc. Either you are having a party at the beach, or there’s an power outage in the neighbourhood, a lithium-ion battery powered portable power station ensures off-grid electricity reliability and stability.

4 Reasons for running a refrigerator using a lithium-ion battery powered portable power station.
1 Always ready to power.
It could be distressful you cannot enjoy a cold beer when you and your friends are having the best time fishing by the lake; and more distressful if you have 18 pounds of food in your refrigerator and it’s about to go bad because there is blackout. Portable power stations response well to power shortage and your fridge can be charged any where any time.

2 No installation. Just plug and go.
Using a Li-ion battery portable power generator for refrigerator requires no installation. Plug the refrigerator through the AC outlet directly and done.

3 No emissions. No noise.
Diesel portable generator, inverter generator can also provide energy for various of appliances. Yet Li-ion battery portable power generator is eco-friendly, can be charged by solar panel, car outlet, and AC adapter.

4 Easy to move.
The portable power station can easily be moved for its relatively light weight, and some of them have wheels or trolley for mobility.

How to charge my fridge with a portable power station?

Step 1, to know the power consumption of your refrigerator.
Normally you will find the rated power of the fridge on its name plate. Sometimes it only says rated current and voltage. Let’s say your mini fridge for RV or camping has 3.75amps and 12V, the total watts to be used by this fridge will be 3.75amps times 12V, which means it consumes 45W.

Step 2, to know the portable power station.
The battery type of the battery powered portable power generator used to be AGM Lead-Acid battery and it turned to NCM Lithium battery and LiFePO4 battery nowadays. Lithium ion phosphate batteries do well in high temperature performance and lower costs, while NCM Lithium batteries perform well in low temperature operational environment as well as have higher power density. Given that it requires instant high power output for appliances of outdoor activities, lithium battery 18650 is one of the most popular battery of portable power generator.
Before purchasing a portable power station, you need to figure out how much electricity your appliances use. For instance, for an out-of-city overnight, appliances including a mini fridge, a cell phone and a light, require 50W of power each hour, and consumes total 400Wh for 8 hours.