Enter the world, serve the globe | MPMC hybrid energy system solutions debut at the 2023 Spring Canton Fair

Apr 25, 2023


From April 7th to 9th, 2023, MPMC successfully participated in the Energy Storage International Summit and Exhibition held in Beijing. This exhibition brought together many well-known domestic and foreign companies to discuss the innovation and development of energy storage technology. With its outstanding application of hybrid energy systems, MPMC is leading a new way of energy storage system application in China, attracting the attention of many industry professionals, and the exhibition booth was lively and bustling.



During the exhibition,MPMC comprehensively displayed its unique hybrid energy system solutions. This solution combines multiple technologies such as solar energy, wind energy, and energy storage to provide users with an integrated, efficient, and stable energy solution. It not only reduces energy costs but also effectively improves the utilization of renewable energy, setting a new benchmark for the development of the domestic energy storage industry.


In addition, the company exhibited its commercial lithium-ion energy storage system, which can be connected to photovoltaic panels, diesel generators, or wind turbines to form a one-stop charging station. Through power generation and energy storage, it can improve the instability of renewable energy generation. It maximizes the help for manufacturing, engineering contractors, power stations, and other customers to improve electricity output, save energy costs, peak shaving and valley filling, peak-shifting, and ensure that emergency loads can operate normally in the event of a power outage.



At the exhibition, MPMC's staff had in-depth exchanges with professional visitors from different fields, discussing the future trend of energy storage technology and the company's contribution to promoting the development of energy storage technology. The interaction between them was very enthusiastic, and MPMC staff received a large number of business cards and established good cooperative relationships with industry professionals.



At the Energy Storage International Summit, MPMC's Vice President Liu Xiaoxia was invited to deliver a speech on the application of energy storage in diesel generator supply and distribution systems.


Liu, Vice President, stated that energy storage technology can store and release energy, thereby solving the instability and low efficiency of diesel generators during operation. The energy storage system can balance the load fluctuations of diesel generators, combine energy storage systems with diesel generators and photovoltaic systems to achieve multi-energy complementarity, and so on.



MPMC has been committed to the research and development and promotion of energy storage technology, providing reliable and efficient new energy solutions for global users. Participating in this Energy Storage International Summit and Exhibition undoubtedly affirms Shoufan Power's achievements in the field of energy storage and brings more opportunities and challenges for its future development.



As the global energy transition deepens, MPMC will continue to uphold the idea of innovation, collaboration, and win-win, and work with the industry to promote the development of energy storage technology, contributing to the construction of a green and intelligent energy system.