What Is Portable Power Station For?

Feb 23, 2022

Although power infrastructure has been being well established, it always happens when we are outdoor that electrical appliances run out of power. And of course, the power outage bothers us as well. In order to keep our appliances on no matter where and when, the portable power station was born.
Portable power station is a hand-held micro generator that is easily or conveniently carried. The traditional gasoline/gas generator is for camping, tailgating, home backup power or power tools and so is Semookii portable power station.
Nowadays, portable power station usually refers to a rechargeable battery generator. Compared to the traditional generator, the battery powered generator is tailored for outdoor activities with a smaller size and output power ranging from 200W to 2000W. It is the most important that there is lower noise and no carbon emission when battery powered generator is running.
Semookii portable power station is a compact generator powered by lithium-ion battery storage system. Due to the characteristics of small size and light weight, it can supply power for kinds of applications wherever you are or when power outage happens. You could find multiple outputs for most of the electrical appliances on the front of Semookii portable power station such as mobile phone, lights, drone, camera, refrigerator, TV, laptop, etc.