Why We Need A Portable Power Station/Semookii

Feb 23, 2022

Have ever been bothered by missing a magnificent scene as your camera or phone run out of power?
Have you ever forgotten to recharge your electrical appliances at night before camping or a trip?
Have you ever dreaming about camping or watching a movie under the stars?
... ...
Although the electricity power infrastructure is well established, it always happens that electrical appliances are out of power when we outside. Since people’s increasing reliance on electrical appliances, Semookii portable power station is going to free people from using limited electrical appliances outdoors.
Semookii provides couples of portable power stations ranging from 300W to 600W to meet various needs of electrical appliances. There are AC ports, DC ports, USB ports, Type-C port and wireless charging panel(only for Semookii-300pro/500) in order to keep your electrical appliances run for a longer time.
Except of the outdoor activities, Semookii portable power station is also qualified for an UPS in case of the emergency. As a backup battery generator, Semookii can power lights, a CPAP machine or an oxygen concentrator in case of the emergency.
Therefore, with the help of Semookii portable power station, you may have more choices of outdoor entertainment and keep your family safe when power outage happens.