Hybrid Power Application Sceniaros

As the world embraces a more sustainable future, the demand for hybrid power solutions is on the rise. By combining two or more types of renewable energy sources with battery storage system, inverter and cloud management system, Semookii Hybrid Power Solutions provide a reliable and eco-friendly power supply to householders, industries and businesses, helping them to achieve energy independence in a cost-effective manner whilst reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Semookii Hybrid Power Solution for residential dwellings can offer significant cost savings for homeowners. By combining rooftop solar with battery storage system, it can provide a clean, continuous and reliable power supply. This can help to trim down the need for expensive grid electricity, and lower utility bills by peak-shaving.

Highlights of Our Residential ESS:
①Max 1100℃ Fireproof Insulation;
②DC/AC Coupled;
③Modular Design, Easy Installation;
④Realtime Cloud Monitoring For Energy Status.


Semookii Hybrid Power Solutions' WSB Series stands out by combining wind power, solar power, and LFP BESS (Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Energy Storage System). This integration results in a highly efficient and cost-effective solution that surpasses conventional solar and battery storage systems. With free installation, low-maintenance operation, and a shortened investment return period, the WSB/SB Series provides a superior option for those seeking sustainable energy independence.

Highlights of Our WSB Series:
①Wind+Solar+LFP BESS, enable energy independence;
②Saving at least 3,600kWh/year for areas without grid;
③Lower cost, higher return on investment - outperforming competitors.


Semookii GB Series hybrid genset is a cutting-edge hybrid power solution that combines a traditional diesel/gas generator set with a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Energy Storage System (LFP ESS). The GB Series integrates an advanced battery system, battery management system, sophisticated diesel/gas energy generation system, and operation monitoring system. With this innovative integration of diesel/gas and LFP ESS, the GB Series offers a reliable and efficient power solution for various applications such as rural areas, mining spots, and remote islands.

Highlights of Our GB Series:
①BESS: ensuring 8000 times of life cycles for 8 consecutive years;
②DIESEL/GAS Generator/Engine: Perkins, Cummins, Kubota.


Semookii Solar/Hydraulic Lighting Towers perfectly combine renewable energy and LED light systems together to provide a sustainable and reliable source of lighting. Zero noise and unattended operation, our hybrid lighttowers fit in well in various applications like construction sites, mining fields, rental businesses, public equipment services, accident handling, large-scale events, and disaster relief efforts.

Highlights of Our Solar/Hydraulic Light Towers:
As the critical part, Semookii adopts cost-effective bright white LED lights with -
①Lamp power: 335W×3 / 100W~350W×4;
②Mast lifting: 7.5m / 9m


With the increase in popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), the demand for charging stations has also grown. Semookii Hybrid Power Solution for EV-chargers can be used to power these charging stations, ensuring that they are always operational. The solution combines solar energy and grid electricity to power the charging stations, providing a sustainable and reliable power supply.

Highlights of Our HBD 500-100 Series:
①System Energy Capacity: 1004kWh;
②Battery Pack Quantity: 80;
③Operating Temperature: -20°C~50°C


Semookii has also developed a hybrid power solution for electric tool energy sources. Electric tools, such as drills and saws, are commonly used in industries like agriculture, mining, and construction. To provide a sustainable and reliable source of power for these tools, Semookii's electric-tools charging solution combines grid power with lithium-iron battery. It not only offers a sustainable and eco-friendly energy source but also provides significant cost savings for businesses in these industries.

Highlights of Our PPS-600 Series:
①Large capacity: 540Wh / 600W, with DC/AC outputs;
②Lighter weight: 5.6kg (12.35lb), with LED Light for emergency;
③Capable to intergrate with portable solar power.

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